Our company also takes pride in the level of concrete work we can provide.

It’s rare to have a landscaping project that doesn’t need concrete work. Whether it be installation for new or demolition of old concrete we have the best people and tools for the job. We can create new walls for an area as well as modify existing concrete; whatever you need we’ll diligently work to achieve.]

Concrete Installation

Concrete is a mixture consisting of sand, gravel, and Portland cement powder (this powder, once wet, turns into a glue that holds it all together). It’s important to have a cement delivery company prepare the mixture, so that when it arrives it is the correct thickness: enough water should be added to the mixture (this substance is called slump) so that it pours easily without being too wet. Laying concrete is a grueling job. It’s heavy, messy, and can start drying fast, so make sure you make a space available for truck to park that is closest to the site as possible. If it’s a driveway or sidewalk, it may be able to be poured directly into the forms without hauling, but if it’s a back patio, it must be carried via wheelbarrows. So try installing concrete on a cooler, cloudier day: not only does it make the work less strenuous, it also prevents the cement from drying too fast.



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